Rampant – Saskia Walker

Zoë Daniels has been under pressure from her sister to take a vacation for quite some time. She finally relents and takes a trip to Carbrey, a fishing village between Edinburgh and Dundee. She’s rented a cottage for the week and plans to chill out and let her hair down.

However, the closer she gets to her destination, the more… peculiar Zoë feels. She feels horny for no apparent reason and the sensation seems to increase the closer she gets to her destination. Needing a breath of fresh air, Zoë gets out her car and admires the scenery. Moments later Grayson Murdoch zooms into her life on a motorcycle. Mistakenly believing she had car trouble, he’d pulled over to offer assistance. As she assures him she is fine, she has the feeling it won’t be the last she sees of him. Not to mention the fact that his appearance made her arousal situation ten times worse.

As Zoë finds her feet in the area and gets to know the locals, she’s told all about Annabel McGraw, the woman who used to own the cottage she’s renting, and whose spirit is rumoured to still be roaming its rooms. Ever the sceptic, she takes no notice of the talk. Soon, though, she’s unable to ignore it. For she’s having odd visions which appear to be insights into Annabel’s life – and death. As the visions get more vivid and frightening, Zoë is forced to confide in Grayson, who not only happens to be very attractive, but he’s also staying next-door.

Zoë’s not feeling quite as relaxed as she’d hoped – what with the appearance of ghosts, and the red-hot attraction between her and Grayson – but she’s certainly not bored. In fact, Zoë gets the impression she’s going to find it difficult to leave Carbrey behind. But is that her genuine sentiment, or are there other – more sinister – influences clouding her judgement?

I really enjoyed Rampant. Right from the off there’s a sizzling undertone of sexuality which continues right the way through the novel. It’s never off the boil! I’ve read lots of erotic supernatural books and stories, but never one about witches – and this one was a breath of fresh air. With sex scenes so hot you want to climb right on in there and join in, and spooky bits that’ll have you looking over your shoulder, there’s never a dull moment in Rampant. It flows beautifully and is a real page turner – I can heartily recommend this to any fans of erotica, the supernatural, or indeed, both.

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