Rock My Socks Off – Jeremy Edwards

I’ve been looking forward to reading this novel ever since I heard it had been commissioned. Having read many of Jeremy’s short stories in Scarlet Magazine, FORUM and various Xcite anthologies, the thought of a full-length novel of his smutty words was cause for celebration. His first novel, Rock My Socks Off is a fun-fest.

Writer Jacob Hastings has been set the dullest assignment of his writing career to date. He must write an article on a museum of rocking horses. However, his sojourn in the area leads him to bump into Normandie Stephens, a young and energetic astronomer. The two get on immediately, and what started as a flirtation and a bit of fun quickly develops into a steamy, sex-rich relationship.

The two clearly adore each other. But they also adore sex – so along the way, various invitations are issued for others to join in with their bedroom antics. Extremely erotic sex scenes ensue. The storyline is very much a vehicle to allow the main characters to have weird and wonderful sex in crazy places, with various partners. However, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and as a result, the whole book is a really light-hearted, sexy, read.

Even if there was no name attached, it would be totally obvious this book had been written by a guy. The descriptions of the female characters are very detailed and sexy – and they’re totally placed on pedestals. I’m not saying this is a bad thing – far from it. I actually think that this will help the book appeal to male and female readers. Male readers will like reading about the gorgeous, sex-mad women, and female readers will enjoy finding out just how sexy us ladies are!

Overall, this a rollicking good romp. If you’ve read and enjoyed Jeremy’s stories before, or you’re looking for an erotic novel to read which isn’t bogged down in technicalities and complications – grab this now. You won’t regret it.

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