Running Away From Richard – Chris Manby

As you may have guessed by now, I’m a self-confessed chick-lit addict. And after reading this novel, Chris Manby was definitely on my list of favourite authors.

Firstly, a warning, I wouldn’t read this book anywhere you’re supposed to be quiet, if I were you. Your alternating giggles and sniffs are likely to get you some funny looks at best, a telling off at worst.

Lizzie Jordan seems to attract trouble, in the same way that s**t attracts flies. The story begins with something perfectly normal; a wedding. Alas, not Lizzie’s, but her best friend Mary’s. Convinced her own wedding isn’t a million miles away, Lizzie is “flying on the wings of love,” if you like. Until her boyfriend, Richard, dumps her.

Things for Lizzie go rapidly downhill from there. In just one month, she has gone from loved up bliss with the man of her dreams, to being the fake fiancee of a gay Hollywood film director. How? Read the book and find out. I don’t want to give too much away, but Lizzie finds herself going from one crazy predicament to the other, in a way I’m sure many of you sympathise with. I know I do. Her trials and tribulations, though somewhat exaggerated, are told as part of a chain of events that make you think “That could really happen!”

You’ll want Lizzie as your best friend (never a dull moment), her friends as yours (it’s not what you know…), and Richard’s head on a spike. Your typical “Men are arseholes, but it’s OK, there’s plenty more in the sea,” kind of a book. Love it. One you could read again and again, and still laugh and cry, just as you did the first time.

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