Sarah’s Education – Madeline Moore

When the book begins, Sarah is about as innocent as you can be. She’s never tasted alcohol, and is still a virgin. However, her plan is to do both of those things on the evening of her birthday, with her boyfriend. After discovering he’s completely forgotten her birthday, though, Sarah is understandably quite miffed. So, when she finishes her job as a tour guide for Seneca University, she ends up in a classy hotel, planning to drink to herself, by herself.

The thing is, the required uniform when working for the University is a schoolgirl’s outfit. Complete with her young looks and her pigtails, Sarah is mistaken by some hotel patrons for the hooker they’re expecting. Oddly, Sarah goes along with their ploy and accompanies them to the penthouse suite, where all kinds of debauchery take place. Eventually, she joins in, losing her virginity. On waking up to an empty bed, bar an envelope stuffed full of money, Sarah’s taken aback. It would appear she accidentally stole a hooker’s job for the evening. Instead of it reflecting badly on her, the agency who booked the girl chase Sarah and try to get her to work for them. The money is just too enticing, so Sarah agrees and goes from virgin to nymphomaniac in a matter of hours.

The punters love her and the agency loves her. However, the hooker that Sarah accidentally stole the job from that first night has never forgotten it and goes out of her way to make her life hell. Sarah won’t take any crap from Nancy, though, and they appear to be a match for one another. Sarah meets with more and more clients, pretending to friends and family that she’s working for a catering firm. She’s also holding her boyfriend, David, at arm’s length. Now she’s seen the kind of lifestyle she can have, she feels he’s no longer enough.

Sarah seems to be successfully living a double life. That is until she meets with a client who pushes her boundaries to the max whilst still respecting her feelings, which blows Sarah’s mind. She has the date of her life with a very sexy client and then moves on. However, things go crazy when that very same man walks back into Sarah’s life… as her University tutor. Things quickly become more complex and simmer to a satisfying climax.

Overall, Sarah’s Education is good fun. It took a while to really get going, but once it did – wow! It’s completely action-packed and very sexy, particularly if you’re into spanking and more niche fetishes. In summary, a slow burn at the beginning but boils to a surprising and steamy ending.

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