Secret Surrender – Madame B

Secret Surrender, according to the elusive “Madame B” is based on a true story, which makes this book all the more intriguing. Alice Daumier is an award-winning actress and is married to Pierre, a director. Their marriage is OK, but Pierre doesn’t exactly set the sheets on fire when he and Alice make love, and she often has to “finish herself off” when he’s rolled over and fallen asleep. So when an old flame reappears in Alice’s life, old passions are reignited. Alice remembers the passionate love she and Jacques made, and it makes her and Pierre’s sex life appear even more dull.

Turns out though, that Jacques isn’t just back in Alice’s life to see her – he wants her back, and is willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants. He has damning evidence that could ruin Alice’s career and marriage, and he’s willing to blackmail her. So they begin to play a dangerous game. Alice has to do everything she’s told, or Jacques will reveal the the secret that could ruin her. So Alice is forced to comply, taking risks she never has before. She’s forced to dress as a hooker and have sex with a stranger for money, and that’s just the beginning. As the sexual games continue, Alice realises she’s falling in love with Jacques all over again…

I can’t say much else without giving the game away, but I thought this was a fabulous book. As I’ve mentioned with one of these “Madame B” books before, I think they’re somewhat overpriced, particularly for the word count, but this one definitely doesn’t skimp on quality. The main characters are portrayed excellently and you get a real sense of Alice’s dilemma. The sexual tension between her and Jacques is palpable, so much so that you’ll be rooting for them to get back together. But you’ll have to find out for yourself whether they do or not…

This was a hot story, and it had an underlying message too, though whether that was intentional I don’t know. It was the old saying that money can’t buy you love – which in this tale couldn’t be more true. The characters and the sex scenes in this book were excellent and I’d definitely recommend this to erotica fans.

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