Seducing the Vampire – Michele Hauf

Seducing the Vampire is the second book by Michele Hauf that I’ve read. I loved the first, which naturally¬† made me want to read more by the same author. Although this book wasn’t quite as good as Her Vampire Husband, it was still¬† damn good.

This book tells the tale of vampire Viviane. As a bloodborn vampire (two vampire parents), she requires a patron to survive. That is, a male vampire who will allow her to drink his blood. This usually involves a full-on relationship, but her current patron allows Viviane to live her own life, and just see him when she requires. She does have a genuine liking for him, so when he’s murdered, naturally she is devastated.

Also devastating is the attention this brings to her. As a patronless vampiress, other vampires would like to patron her. One in particular has a vested interest, because he also wishes to sire children in order to increase the size of his tribe. He’s very rich and powerful, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He’s also unkind and ruthless.

Viviane doesn’t really want anything to do with Constantine but knows that eventually she will have to succumb to him for her own safety. Trouble is, there’s another man that’s caught her eye. Rhys Hawkes is a peculiar type of fellow. He’s very attractive and has a kind nature, but Viviane senses something strange about him. By the time she discovers what it is, it’s too late. She’s involved in his life and doesn’t wish to get away.

Someone else, however, is determined to keep them apart. At all costs.

Overall, this was a brilliant read. I did find it was a little slow to get going, but once it started to kick in, it was fab. The parallel storylines were sometimes a little difficult to follow, but it’s clear to see why this way of writing was necessary. It means the tension is strung out right until the very last moment.

Very sexy, sassy and enthralling. I’d recommend this to any fan of paranormal books.

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