Seriously Sexy 1 – Miranda Forbes (ed.)

I can’t get enough of these short story collections from Xcite books. They’re ideal for reading the odd story before going to sleep, or when you have a spare few minutes. The length of the stories means you can read one, digest and enjoy it, then put the book down and go off and do something else. That’s if you have enough self-restraint. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find yourself glued to it from cover to cover!

Anyway, Seriously Sexy 1 is a collection of 20 erotic stories, from some of the biggest names in the genre – Jeremy Edwards, Emily Dubberley and Mark Farley to name but a few… They’ve also written these fantastic and wildly different stories – and there’s something here to appeal to everyone.

Now, they haven’t stated it anywhere, but I feel that Seriously Sexy 1 is more ‘wild’ than some of the other collections in the Xcite range. I was told by the publisher that they purposely weren’t too explicit as they wanted to appeal to a mass market – which is fair enough. However, my tastes err on the side of the more naughty, the better! So I thought this book was fab! I have certain favourites in the book, but that would be telling, and it’s each to their own… everyone’s fantasies are different, but a couple of these tales hit close to home for me and really got me going!

If you’ve read Xcite books before, then you’ll know what to expect – but if you haven’t, then here’s a great place to start. You won’t regret spending your cash on this if you want some top naughtiness to read!

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