Seriously Sexy 2 – Miranda Forbes (ed.)

The second book in the series, and yet the third one I’ve read… my fault entirely. As my story Fantasy Assignment was featured in Seriously Sexy 3, that kind of jumped up the TBR pile. However, I’ve now completed the set, and here are my thoughts on this one… a tad disappointing, if I’m honest. I loved the other two books in the series, but compared to them, I found this one a little more tame.

It features many popular names in erotica circles, including Donna George Storey, Sommer Marsden, Eva Hore and Mark Farley, all of whom have made excellent contributions to the book, it’s just that a fair few of the other stories didn’t float my boat. They weren’t as seriously sexy as I’d been led to believe they would be, and on completion of the book I was left feeling a little bit cheated. As I’ve said so many times before, this is probably largely due to personal preference. It’s more the situations on offer in Seriously Sexy 2 that didn’t do anything for me, as opposed to the quality of writing. So I’d say if you’ve read and enjoyed other Xcite Books, this is still a good read, but not the best out of the three Seriously Sexy books currently on offer.

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