Seriously Sexy 3 – Miranda Forbes (ed.)

I must point out that I am writing this review as though pages 67 – 76 aren’t there. And just in case you don’t already know why – I shall tell you. Because if I was to review the book including those pages, I would be completely biased, because that’s my story, so I’m bound to say it’s excellent. But I shall leave you to make your own minds up about that.

With regards the rest of the book, though, Seriously Sexy 3 is just that. It contains the weird and wonderful mix of stories and characters that I’ve come to expect from Xcite anthologies, and as usual, not all of them floated my boat – but that’s just personal taste. I am inclined to think, though, having recently finished Seriously Sexy 1 (I haven’t read Seriously Sexy 2 yet, but I will) that Xcite are certainly attracting a higher quality of stories the longer they are in business. Perhaps it’s that they’re getting more wise to exactly what it is their customers want, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this is a fabulous book. It contains stories from some of the biggest names in the erotica world, many of whom have had stories included in previous anthologies. So it would seem that writers and publisher alike are producing superior work as time goes on.

I am sure I have said this dozens of times in previous reviews, but I still believe that what makes these anthologies so hot is the variety, and the fact that nothing is taboo. Nestling between the covers of Seriously Sexy 3 are stories about a horny woman who happens to be in a wheelchair going out to pick up a man, a geeky office type who seduces almost every woman he works with, a kinky artist and even some spooky creatures. It’s an eclectic mix, but they do have a common factor – they fit into this anthology because they’re seriously sexy. And they really are.

Probably my favourite Xcite anthology so far (remember, I’m still ignoring those pages), and some of my favourite authors in there too! Fantastic quality of imagination and writing, no doubt I’ll be picking this book up again and again to read a select few favourites…

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