Sex and the City – Candace Bushnell

Having enjoyed the film and adored the series, I thought I was doing myself a serious disservice by not having read the book. How wrong I was. I did myself a disservice by picking it up. Sex and the City the book is not a patch on the TV series or film. In fact, if I’d read this first, I doubt very much I’d have bothered watching the series or the film, so I’m happy that I didn’t.

A series of snippets about life in New York – the book is just a mish-mash. It doesn’t flow particularly well, and it certainly doesn’t hook you in. I lost count of the amount of times I abandoned the book in order to read something – anything – more interesting. Only pig-headedness and wanting to give a fair review made me finish. Sadly, it didn’t get any better. There’s nothing in the book to indicate just how fabulous the series was. None of the character development, lovability, and chemistry. In the book, the main characters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are barely featured. It’s just a smattering of dozens of minor characters, with a select few mentioned more often. You’re not encouraged to care about the people and follow their lives in the way you are in the series. I was incredibly disappointed with this book.

If, like me, you did things the wrong way round and got hooked into the series and/or film first and are tempted to read the book, I really wouldn’t. All it will do is waste some of your time, allow you to find out where the tiniest basis of the characters came from, and show you just how fabulous the writers of the TV show are. I didn’t like this book one bit and was relieved to finish it.

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