Sex By Numbers: Everything You Should Know About Sex and a Few Things You Shouldn’t – Sarah Hedley

Having done lots of research in sexual matters, there wasn’t an awful lot in this book that I didn’t already know about. However, for review purposes I read the book objectively, and from a beginner’s point of view it’s top notch.

The content is thorough without lecturing; but the thing I found most impressive about the book was its style. Sex By Numbers is exactly what it says on the tin. Chapters include headings ike ’10 total aphrodisiacs’ and ‘5 erotic classics.’ Because it’s laid out this way it’s extremely easy to read and take in, rather than having reams and reams of text to wade through. It’s informative without reading like an essay or text book. It’s accessible for those who aren’t keen on reading, and will be a little light relief for those that do.

I also think it’s a fantastic book for blokes because of its simplicity. Blokes don’t like to be told what to do, and this book gives excellent sex tips and advice in a fun and no-nonsense way. Women, if your guy needs to brush up his skills – there’s a helping hand here. Buy SBN and leave it ‘lying around,’ open on pages of interest.

Hedley injects frequent humour into her writing, which I feel really fitted the whole light-hearted but factual tone of the book. She’s also very hot on safe sex, which is good really because the book is telling you so many different ways to initiate and engage in sexual activity!

Overall, I’d heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic. It’s well-written, easy to digest, and incredibly informative; well worth the money. Top marks to Sarah Hedley for this one – keep ’em coming!

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