Sex on the Move (Wicked Words) – Various

Lauded as “the sexiest Wicked Words ever” I was expecting something special from Sex on the Move. The theme, as you’d expect, is movement. Travel. As with all such anthologies, the stories are wildly different both in topic and in quality. There are also two stories which I’ve read in other anthologies, so black marks against the book for those.

This book is so-so. Nestling between its covers are names such as Maya Hess, Monica Belle, Sophie Mouette and the unstoppable Portia Da Costa, all of whom’s stories were top class – but two of which I’d read elsewhere. Unfortunately, though, the other tales just don’t cut it. Some of them are plain dull, to be honest. Others are just OK, enjoyable enough but not really the sort to get you in the mood. I was quite surprised by my own reaction – or lack of – to this book from Black Lace.

That’s not to say don’t buy it – it’s worth it forĀ  the better stories alone, providing you haven’t read them already! Just make sure you pick it up at a bargain price to avoid disappointment.

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