Shopaholic Abroad – Sophie Kinsella

After reading [intlink id=”1071″ type=”post”]Confessions of a Shopaholic[/intlink], I wasn’t exactly raring to read the next one in the series, but I fell into doing so somehow. And it wasn’t all bad…

As the first novel ended, we left Becky Bloomwood and things for her were pretty much sorted. She’d just bagged herself a job on TV, paid off all her debts and started going out with successful PR guru Luke. Things couldn’t be better. Except… Luke is planning on moving to New York to start a business there, and he wants her to go with him!

Cut to New York. Luke is mega-busy with meetings, and Becky is left to her own devices. She’s promised her housemate Suzy that she won’t start spending money again – her new mantra is Buy Only What You Need. It works to begin with, except down the line Becky is reasoning with herself that actually, she DOES need those shoes, clothes and make-up as they’re an investment in her TV career. And the ready availability of shops in the big city doesn’t help – Saks, Bloomingdales and Barneys, not to mention the sample sale phenomenon.

Soon, Becky is on the slippery slope to debt once more. And it’s not only her bank manager who’s not happy about it.

Overall, this isn’t a bad read. It’s just as daft as the first book, and I’m not really any more sold on the character as she doesn’t seem to be showing any development. However, perhaps this will be rectified in the follow-on novels, which I’ll no doubt end up reading at some point, so I know what happens. So, I guess that if I didn’t hate this book and I’m happy to read more, then it has entertainment value. Albeit in a tacky nightclub kind of a way…

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