Sleep With Me – Joanna Briscoe

Sleep With Me can be summed up in one word: intriguing. It is the tale of Richard and Lelia, a young couple who are looking forward to a life together. In a moment of naughtiness in the rush before a Christmas party, they conceive a child together. They arrive late to the party, get swept along in the frivolities, and are introduced to new people and reacquainted with old friends. In the mayhem they barely notice a plain woman lurking in the background. But they soon come to realise that she noticed them, and she’ll never let them forget it.

Sylvie gradually worms her way into the lives and affections of the couple – and on more than platonic terms with Richard. He cannot understand how he has become attracted to such a nothing-ness of a woman, and yet the more he ponders it, the deeper he is drawn into Sylvie’s web. As Lelia becomes more noticeably pregnant, Richard has doubts about their future, and becomes distant from Lelia. She is distraught but hopes that he’ll come around in time, and turns to Sylvie for guidance and support.

Neither of the young couple realise how deeply the other has become entangled with Sylvie, but as time goes on, her presence becomes more and more noticeable, particularly as the time of the baby’s birth draws near, and Lelia walks out on Richard, leaving him in despair. He has no idea how close her friendship with Sylvie has become, as she has disappeared. Alone and ashamed, Richard longs for both Lelia and Sylvie, which leaves him a very confused and torn man. Who will he end up with, and what becomes of the baby? Only one way to find out…

This book is interesting, confusing and exciting all rolled into one. You have to follow carefully and read between the lines to ensure you know what’s going on… but you’ll still find this book has a sting in the tail – that was one twist I didn’t see coming! Creepy and sexy at the same time… check it out.

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