Sorceress – Saskia Walker

Sorceress is an exotic erotic fantasy romance book. It tells the tale of the Empress Elishiba, a beautiful young woman who has vowed to protect her people, whatever the cost. Rather than risking all-out war with a neighbouring kingdom, which they may well lose due to their smaller size, the Empress decides on another tactic. She’ll agree to marry the enemy.

When the convoy from the foreign land arrives to take her back to her future home, a man known as Amshazar arrives as a spokesman for her future husband. Elishiba is instinctively mistrusting of any of their people, but this man in particular unsettles her.

He is an attractive and powerful man who is rumoured to be a sorcerer, and yet she finds herself wildly attracted to him. It soon becomes apparent that he feels the same way about her. Everything about their situation screams that they should steer well clear of one another, and yet, they simply can’t deny their feelings any longer.

To complicate matters, Amshazar has been sent to befriend Elishiba as the Gods believe she has dormant magical powers. As a magi himself, there is nobody better to help tutor Elishiba in harnessing and unleashing those powers. Disbelieving at first, Elishiba is deeply confused. However, when she realises her potential, she sees how these powers could help her beloved kingdom without having to consort with the enemy. Can she trust the man she desires so much? Or is he a snake in the grass?

Sorceress is a fabulous read. Although its categorisation as an exotic erotic fantasy romance is a real mouthful, it’s totally apt. I was captivated from beginning to end. I loved the setting, the characters, the intrigue and the eroticism. It wasn’t just “a story with sex”, it was a genuinely captivating tale which I found really interesting and absorbing. It’s a little like Aladdin with more evil and sex, I guess.

An absolutely top-notch read. If you’re looking for something a little different, definitely give Sorceress a try. Hats off to Ms. Walker.

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