Staffordshire Tales of Mystery and Murder – David Bell

I originally borrowed this book to help with my Imagining Staffordshire project, and have now got myself a copy because I was so impressed. Staffordshire Tales of Mystery and Murder is exactly as its title indicates; a collection of tales about mysterious areas in the county, and creepy and gruesome things that have happened there in the past.

I found this book particularly useful as it went into a great deal of information. For example, I’d managed to get little bits of information on Lud’s Church and the legends associated with it, but this book has lots of detail on different legends, some more famous than others. It’s also inspired me to go investigating these places for myself, to see if I get the same chilling feelings the author has experienced, and if I’m really lucky, to see the famous Double Sunset at Leek.

This book is ideal for those that live in the county and have an interest in local history; people who just like creepy and mysterious things, and those that would like to know the real meaning of the word Shugborough…

A great little book and one that will be remaining in my collection, and no doubt frequently referred back to. Intriguing.

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