Stopping Point – Victoria Blisse

Stopping Point is the second title in Victoria Blisse’s Point Vamp series. I loved the first one, so naturally, I wanted to read this one.

The second book tells the story of Josh, a young man who’s been turned into a vampire, but he doesn’t quite know it yet. He’s gone off normal food and all his friends smell like snacks, but he can’t work out why. However, after an encounter with a scary yet sexy woman on the way home from work, things start to make sense.

Naive, and not the sharpest tool in the box, Josh finally works out what’s going on and immediately turns his two best friends into vampires without their consent, figuring they’ll be best mates forever.

Josh is also finding out more about the crazy woman that turned him – Cara. She’s clearly quite unhinged, but the more Josh gets to know her, the more he realises that there’s good reason for her being damaged. He also realises that she’s damn sexy…

The plot develops as Josh and Cara get to know each other better, Josh’s friends settle into their vampire life, and the three boys discover The Point, the vampire club known for it’s ten-second sucking rule.

Stopping Point is full of sexual tension, action and humour. It’s another fab addition to the series and I’ll be looking forward to the next one!

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