Storm Born – Richelle Mead

As a huge fan of everything I’ve read so far by Richelle Mead (and on finishing this book, I’ve now read everything by her that’s  currently available in the UK), I knew exactly what to expect from Storm Born. It’s Book One in Mead’s Dark Swan series – and because I received Book Two some time ago I actually read these in the wrong order. However, the way they’re written means it doesn’t really  matter. These books work well as standalone novels too, though you’ll inevitably want to read them all once you start.

Storm Born introduces us to Eugenie Markham, a powerful shaman. She banishes spirits, fey and similar creatures that stray into the mortal world back into their own. She’s good at her job, and this is just as well as something weird is going on – more weird than usual, that is. The Otherworldly creatures that invade her everyday life start calling her by her real name. Up until now, she’s been known as Odile to those from the Otherworld – hence her Dark Swan title. Her real name being ‘out there’ can’t be a good thing, and soon Eugenie finds out just how bad this particular piece of news is. It leads to a crazy adventure in the Otherworld which results in her finding out some unpleasant truths from her past which affect her future, in a big way.

This is an excellent read. Eugenie Markham is an excellent character. She’s strong, smart and sassy, and her quips had me laughing on more than one occasion. Richelle Mead has created a brilliant read here by bringing to life believable characters as well as a fascinating world full of supernatural possibilities. I whizzed through this book as the style is so easy to read and the plot so edge-of-your-seat exciting. Good stuff. I’d recommend this to any supernatural fan.

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