Succubus Dreams – Richelle Mead

Having read [intlink id=”1173″ type=”post”]Succubus Blues[/intlink] (#1), [intlink id=”1185″ type=”post”]Succubus Nights[/intlink] (#2) and Succubus Heat (#4), I thought I should complete the set. I thought I had, but I’ve since found out that Georgina Kincaid book number five is now available – entitled Succubus Shadows. It’s gone straight on my Amazon Wishlist.

Anyway, onto the book in hand. Georgina’s life is never simple. As a shape-shifting succubus, her life force must be sustained by sleeping with guys – the more ‘pure’ the better. However, to complicate matters, she’s in love with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen. He knows all about her and what she does, and is kind of OK with it. Trouble is, because Georgina loves him, she doesn’t want to shorten his life by them having sex and her stealing his life force. So their relationship is seriously lacking in physical action – which is frustrating the hell out of them both.

Then there are the dreams.  Some kind of creature is preying on Georgina in her sleep, completely draining her energy. The being is also giving her odd visions of the future, which can’t possibly come true. Add in a collection of lingering angels, the re-appearance of the slimy imp that bought her soul and I’m sure you’ll agree, Georgina has a lot on her plate. Read Succubus Dreams to find out how it all pans out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t think it was quite as good as the following book, but that’s my own silly fault for reading them in the wrong order. I kept reading bits and thinking ‘I’ve read this before’ but it’s because the events had been referred to in the next book. However, if you’re reading the books in the correct order, you won’t have that problem! I’d definitely recommend this book and the whole series – I’ll be ordering the next book shortly to find out what happens next!

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