Succubus in the City – Nina Harper

Lily is a succubus. That means she works for Satan, and has to deliver souls – the more tainted, the better. Perks of the job are; pretty much infinite cash, a figure she’ll never lose, immortality and fantastic contacts. Even Lily’s day job is fabulous – she works at a fashion magazine. Nobody would blame you for being jealous. However, despite having all those things, Lily still isn’t satisfied, because the major downside of her succubus state is lonliness.

She can take as many men to bed as she likes, but once they’ve had their pleasure they’re gone in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a pile of ash. That’s all well and good – but Lily doesn’t just want sex. She wants love and companionship, and the only way she can have that is to come clean with a guy. If he falls in love with her knowing the full truth about what she is, she will be released from her Satanic contract. But how likely is that? Read Succubus in the City and find out.

As the name suggests, it does bear similarity to [intlink id=”538″ type=”post”]Sex and the City[/intlink] in that there are four girlfriends with varying personalities, all of whom have traumas with guys. That is where it ends. Succubus in the City is everything the other book isn’t – funny, easy to read, engaging and entertaining. If you’re into the so-called urban fantasy/supernatural genre, you should pick up this book. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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