Succubus Nights – Richelle Mead

Note: This book is known as Succubus on Top in the US.

Following on from my review of the first Georgina Kincaid book, [intlink id=”1173″ type=”post”]Succubus Blues[/intlink], I immediately started reading Succubus Nights. And I’ve just placed my order for the third book in the series, Succubus Dreams. That’s how good these books are.

Continuing the storyline from the first book, Succubus Nights deals with the fall-out of the happenings in the first novel and, naturally, throws in some more action and some more bad guys. Georgina, having started dating uber-famous author Seth Mortensen, is now struggling with the fact that she wants him badly – but can’t have him. Well, she could – but she won’t. If the pair have sex, then Georgina has got to live with the fact that she’ll be shaving years off Seth’s life, and that’s definitely something she doesn’t want to do. Their abstinent relationship causes much tension between the two, and much hilarity amongst Georgina’s immortal crew of friends, who can’t understand why a succubus would want to date a human.

Georgina, however, thinks it makes perfect sense. She’s never fully embraced her immortal succubus self and has many human traits, i.e. the day job, supplying the bare minimum of ‘conquests’ to her superiors, and so on. She also wants the simplest thing there is – love. Seth has shown her just how much he cares about her, and there’s no way she’s willing to sacrifice it. Seth loves her for who she is, what she is, and even accepts what she must do to survive. He truly is her perfect man. But, as the saying goes, true love never did run smoothly. And here begins another crazy period in Georgina’s life, where she must juggle her friends, both immortal and non-, her day job, and her more sinister occupation. It gets to the stage where Georgina feels it really will come crashing down around her ears and it’s going to take more than a couple of double espressos to see it through.

If you enjoy reading books of this genre, then definitely grab yourself a copy of this and the others in the series. Absolutely top notch.

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