Summer Sizzlers – Various

Summer Sizzlers is a collection of five smutty stories from Elizabeth Coldwell, Giselle Renarde, Alcamia Payne, Leigh Clarke and Carmel Lockyer. With the exception of New World, the stories are all firmly linked in with summer, sun and warm weather.

Tourist Trap is a sexy story set in Romania. Kate and Mark are holidaying there, never ones to stick with the ‘normal’ destinations. Whilst there, they want to take in some of the local culture, so when Mark gets talking to a local who promises to show them a fabulous castle well off the beaten track, he’s very interested. Not having met Dimi herself, she’s not so keen on the idea. However, when she lays eyes on him, she immediately changes her mind. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that Kate begins to wonder at his motivations. Given the country which they’re in, and the remote location to which he’s taking them, Kate begins to think he may in fact, be a vampire. Read the story to find out if her suspicions are correct…

This was one of my favourite stories of the five. It’s got a great build up, nothing is given away, and the sex scenes are very erotic. Top class tale from Ms. Coldwell.

New World didn’t really do much for me. It didn’t seem to fit into the anthology as it was more about travel than summer. There are some very erotic parts to this tale, but the husband sitting between two illicit lovers wasn’t sexy to me, I’m afraid.

Alcamia’s Beach Peach was another favourite of mine. It tells the story of Jemima, a mischievious type who likes to be naked on the beach, and more specifically, in the ocean. Both turn her on beyond belief, and she has fantasies about getting up to no good in the ocean with a sexy guy. That sexy guy isn’t so far away, it appears. Anthony has been watching Jemima closely for some time – is he the man she’s been looking for?

This was a fab story. It was erotic from beginning to end and different enough from other beach-based stories to make it really stand out. Very enjoyable.

Festivating, by Leigh Clarke is another story with a difference. It tells the story of a girl determined to seduce a geek. Having given up on all the usual methods, Carrie takes Joe to a festival and uses his geekiness as his undoing…

This wasn’t a bad story – there was little description of the characters meaning they were more difficult to visualise, but it was still a sexy tale.

Carmel Lockyer’s The Battle of Clans was a fascinating story. Though it’s set in modern day, it also pulls in many historical elements. A new job in Scotland seems to be the end of Christy’s sex life. However, a trip to a Highland battle reenactment may well give her what she’s been craving… and much more besides.

What’s sexy about this story is what’s implied, rather than actually done. And that’s definitely a good thing, considering the tone of the story. The male character in question is strong, sexy and unusual, and that’s what makes him so hot! A standout story which was very erotic.

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