Sunshine – Robin McKinley

Every now and again I’ll pick up a book just because it’s by an author I’ve never read before. Sunshine is one such book. It was sitting there in the Horror section of Waterstone’s and after reading the blurb on the back, I was sold. The magic word ‘vampires’ was there and it sounded like a gripping read. I have to say I was a little disappointed.

Most of the supernatural books I’ve read have been real page-turners, impossible to put down until I’ve finished. Sadly, Sunshine wasn’t quite so compulsive. For saying how exciting the subject matter, and how action-packed the plot, the writing was just a tad lacklustre and so I wasn’t fully drawn into the world of Rae Seddon and her vampire friend, Constantine.

The pair hook up as part of some kind of plan by Constantine’s bitter enemy – Constantine being a Cullen-type vampire who will not feast on human blood. Rae, whose nickname is Sunshine, is kidnapped and chained to the wall of a mansion, right next to starved-of-blood vamp Constantine. Rae knows he’s a vampire, and fully expects to be dead by morning. However, when dawn breaks, the pair have formed an unlikely alliance and now it’s up to Rae to help Con survive the day. And this is where the trouble really begins…

Overall, Sunshine has an excellent plot, and plenty of action; but it didn’t fully draw me into the world. I like to be really pulled into the world created by the novel, care about the characters and what happens next. Whereas here, I definitely felt like a bystander. A shame, really, as it’s a good book – it just didn’t have that special something to make me want to sing its praises. Still worth reading though, if you’re a fan of the genre.

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