Tan Lines: A Novel of Sex and Sunburn – J.J. Salem

Tan Lines tells the story of three women who have been friends since college. They have little in common and yet they stay in touch, usually meeting up for the occasional girly weekend.

This summer, however, they’ve rented a houseshare in The Hamptons so they’ll be spending a great deal of time together. This could make or break their friendships.

Rock star Billie Shelton, feminist Liza Pike and budding actress Kellyanne Downey are all embracing this opportunity to get away from it all. Billie’s career is on the skids, followed swiftly by her sanity. Liza feels her marriage is a pointless exercise and plans to ditch her hunky fireman husband, just as soon as she’s written her next book. Kellyanne has nothing to call her own. She’s in a lucrative relationship with a rich property developer and is basically at his beck and call. Far from giving her freedom, though, the relationship traps her. If she wants to do something, but her lover says no, then that’s the end of it.

By the end of the summer, though, the girls’ lives have drastically changed, but not necessarily for the better…

Tan Lines is a bittersweet book. There are many ups and downs, and glimpses into not-so-perfect lives of the rich and famous. Full of perversion and tragedy, Tan Lines isn’t your typical happy-ever-after novel – but it is a perfect beach read.

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