Thanks for the Memories – Cecelia Ahern

I was quite disappointed with Ahern’s last offering, A Place Called Here. Compared to her other novels, it was a real let-down. So I had high hopes for this one to change my mind about her again. Thanks for the Memories did just that.

Thanks for the Memories is the tale of Joyce Conway. A slip down the stairs causes Joyce to lose her unborn child, not to mention a lot of blood. After coming round in the hospital, Joyce feels… different. She can’t put her finger on what it is, but she knows that something has changed. Devastated about the loss of her child, Joyce starts thinking about her life and knows that things have got to change. Drastically.

After calling time on her long-dead marriage, Joyce tries desperately to look to the future, whilst still grieving for her baby. But the strange feeling she has since waking up in hospital persists. She’s able to speak languages she’s never learned, spout out endless information about architecture and dreams about a mysterious little girl with blonde hair.

When Joyce bumps into an American man she’s never met before, she has a disturbingly strong feeling of deja vu. And from there, the pieces slowly start to come together. Joyce may have lost a husband and a child, but she’s gained a new side to her that makes her more positive than she’s ever been before.

This book is excellent. I thought perhaps the reason I didn’t like the previous one is because it was far-fetched. However, Thanks for the Memories isn’t exactly realistic, and yet I was hooked from start to finish. The characters are so loveable, particularly Joyce’s father. His terrible memory and batty Irish witticisms made me laugh out loud on many occasions. He was so well portrayed that I could really imagine someone like him being in existence, and if he was, I’d want to know him – he’s great!

Overall, I’d say if you loved Ahern’s previous novels, but like me, were disappointed with A Place Called Here, give her another chance. She’s proven with Thanks for the Memories that she’s back on form and ready to make us laugh and cry once more.

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