That’s Another Story – Julie Walters’ Autobiography

I was a happy bunny when I received this as a Christmas present! Julie Walters has been in the limelight a long time, but I wouldn’t have called myself a ‘fan’ as such until more recently, when she appeared in films such as Calendar Girls, Harry Potter and Mamma Mia, and the hilarious TV drama Driving Lessons, with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter). It was Mamma Mia, though, which completely sold me on her and made me want to read her autobiography.

That’s Another Story follows Julie’s life from her birth and upbringing in Birmingham, to more current events. The tales of her childhood are hilarious, particularly the references to her dotty grandmother and other mad people she encountered as a child. Her rise to fame is documented from her beginnings on stage and then the shift to screen.

I did enjoy the book, but felt that it didn’t really go into detail much about some of her more recent work. For example, the titles I mentioned above have only been briefly alluded to in the book, so I’m wondering if perhaps there are plans for a follow-up autobiography in the future. I was disappointed not to have read more about the filming of some of my favourite films – Harry Potter and Mamma Mia. I guess perhaps people older than myself who are more acquainted with her previous work will not feel they’ve missed out, but for people that have been won over by her stellar performances in the past few years, I think they’ll feel the way I do.

Definitely worth a read – grab yourself a bargain copy, or wait until it comes out as a paperback.

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