The Adulteress – Noelle Harrison

The Adulteress is a story told from duel viewpoints. Nicholas has left his cheating wife and moved to rural Cavan, with no real idea how he’s going to live or keep the house going. But the house seems to speak to him, and he discovers that there is a spirit present. It is the spirit of June Fanning, a woman who used to live in the house and whose presence emanates regret. She wants to tell Nicholas a story, the story of an adulteress. Trouble is, it’s the last thing he wants to hear after what his wife did to him.

But soon, he grows fond of June’s presence, and the two storylines co-exist throughout the book. Viewpoints are alternated so you’re told parts of each person’s story, then you skip across to the other viewpoint. It could get confusing, but because there are only two main characters, it’s really easy to keep a handle on and you can just enjoy the narrative.

The book didn’t turn out to be quite what I expected, but I did really enjoy it. It’s kind of like a more serious chick-lit novel, with some history and a ghost story thrown in. A fab read, which I’d definitely recommend.

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