The Book With No Name – Anonymous

Full marks for whoever thought up this Marketing ploy. Publish a book by an anonymous author and call it The Book with No Name, then tell people NOT to read it because the book brings death to anyone who reads it. Of course it’s going to be a hugely successful novel, because people always want to do what they’re told not to. An excellent piece of reverse psychology. Anyway, onto the review…

This was lent to me by a friend, with a heavy recommendation to read it. After reading the back of the book I was a little unsure, but decided to plough through it regardless. It’s a difficult book to classify because it’s rather a mish-mash of genres. It’s got hitmen, crime bosses, vampires, religious men, cowardly bartenders and thieves abound. Where to start?? I advise at the beginning. Try to start the book without any conception of what it’s going to be about, and just take it for what it is. But don’t rush through because there are so many subplots and characters that it’s quite easy to get lost.

Very briefly, the plot centres around a town called Santa Mondega, which the rest of the world appears to have forgotten. Or they’re just ignoring it… the streets are violent and full of criminals. Oh, and it’s reputed to be inhabited by the largest amount of vampires than anywhere else in the world, and there’s a solar eclipse coming up. It’s going to get bloody…

I don’t want to say much more because it will give the game away. I’ll finish by saying it’s an incredibly clever book, very easy to read (providing you keep track of who’s who!), and the subplots are woven together ingeniously. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting but I’m glad I gave it the chance, and would definitely read another book by this author. Whoever he/she is!

I’d recommend this to anyone, whatever your preference. It’s got such a multitude of genres that I think most people will enjoy it, and appreciate it for the masterpiece it is. Fantastic.

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