The Chocolate Run – Dorothy Koomson

I absolutely adored Koomson’s Marshmallows for Breakfast, so that coupled with the fact that this book has one of my favourite words in the title, I didn’t think it could go wrong. And it definitely didn’t. One thing I’ve found about the two books by this author I’ve read so far are that the main character always seems to be adorable! Koomson’s characters always have flaws, and that makes them more accessible to the reader, and means they can identify with them. The manner in which the books are written is great too – really easy to read and follow, and the sort of book you want to devour within a short space of time (two days, with this one).

The Chocolate Run had me hooked from the off. It’s full of mentions of chocolate, and amusing quotes head up each section of the book. The first one being “there’s only one thing better than illicit sex – illicit chocolate.” It holds that giggle-inducing tone throughout, and although the subject matter is deep in places, it’s still definitely a light-hearted book. The main character, Amber, is a complete chocolate obsessive. Between working and spending time with her close friends Jen and Greg, she goes on chocolate runs to supermarkets, and does odd things like smelling the chocolate bars through the wrappers. She also compares everyone she knows or meets to chocolate. She and her friend Jen, for example, are a Twix bar because they’re so close. Daft things like that really had me in stitches.

Amber is a bit of a committment-phobe. Her parents had a difficult marriage and it has left her scarred for life. So when Greg, her best friend after Jen, suddenly tells her he has feelings for her, her first instinct is to run a mile. And take refuge in chocolate. She’s just so worried that things will go wrong in all her relationships that for 18 months now she’s avoided them altogether. And for man-slag Greg to be coming on to her, well it sends her into overdrive. So much so, that she ends up in bed with him having mind-blowing sex! Things quickly spiral out of control for Amber after that, and she has no idea what’s going on.

Soon enough though, she’s forced to face up to her demons in the worst way, and her entire life changes. You’ll just have to read the book to find out how Amber copes and see how things end up.

Another truly impressive book from Dorothy Koomson, and I’d still not hesitate to read her other books and recommend them to other people. This one is fantastic for any chick-lit fan, particularly if they’re obsessed with chocolate.

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