The Collector – Kay Jaybee

The premise is simple – Kay Jaybee is “the collector”, the woman sitting at the back of the bus, in the corner of the cafe or in your local library. You may ignore her, thinking she’s just a woman scribbling in a notebook. But if you, or someone around you, is talking about something remotely naughty, Kay’s writing it down.

This book is the result of Kay Jaybee’s collection of stories. Each chapter features an introduction, followed by the story itself. Some are much shorter than others and some are much naughtier than others. But one thing is consistent – they’re all incredibly sexy.

What I really loved about this book was the fact it all felt very real. The author herself admitted that there are embellishments on some of the stories, and that some have come purely from her imagination. But what makes it so interesting is the fact that the erotic escapades between the covers of the book could happen.

The tales aren’t about desert islands or exotic places we can only dream about. It could be real. Your neighbour could be doing it. Your colleagues could be doing it. That woman in the supermarket. Anyone, anywhere. And for me, that made it very, very sexy.

I also loved the brevity of the stories. They don’t need to be any longer. They’re just snippets of life; naughty sex scenes. There’s no “they met, they fell in love and fell into bed” type thing. No character development is needed. It’s just pure, unadulterated filth. And it’s fabulous. Highly recommended.

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