The Ex Factor – Emily Dubberley

Here we have a book from sexpert and relationship expert Emily Dubberley. And with The Ex Factor, she’s definitely earned her ‘expert’ status. This book covers every situation you may find yourself in to do with exes. Whether it’s your ex, your new fella’s ex, or whatever, there’s an answer in this book for everything. Including what to do if you find out that you and your new man share an ex!

Written in Dubberley’s usual humorous but factual style, this book is easy to sail through without feeling as though you’re being lectured. And as it’s packed full of other people’s experiences, you’re reminded that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone.

The Ex Factor is an essential read. The back cover blurb has a sentence which sums it up perfectly – “If you’ve ever dated before, and plan to again, you need this book.” Quite right too. This is the book you will wish you had years ago! Another thumbs-up to Ms. Dubberley!

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