The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl – Belle de Jour

As a huge fan of the first novel, this was a must-buy when it was released. And boy I’m glad I did. This continues Belle’s story in her humourous fashion.

I love her style of writing because of the way she describes sex, both with her clients, and with her boyfriend. With clients, it’s all very clinical, and Belle is under pressure to look good and to perform because she is being paid. With boyfriend’s though, it’s altogether different. She actually enjoys sex, but when it’s with her clients, it’s almost as if she’s not really doing it. But this fits in, and makes her more human somehow. I also love some of her witty comebacks.

This novel sees Belle giving up the game. Not without a fight from the Manager, though. She goes straight, even starting an office job to prove her determination. But in true Belle style she’s causing trouble almost the moment she walks through the door. Her attempt to keep a low profile are thwarted by cackling office witches and the office Lothario.

The all-conquering friendship with N starts to develop, and they become closer once more. Then once again, somebody comes along to ruin it all for them. I still hold out hope for these two.

Man troubles, client troubles, job troubles and the news of her parents separation drive Belle onto a plane. Bound for her cousin J’s in Mexico. Even in a foreign country Belle can’t keep out of trouble. She turns several heads, but determined to stay faithful to The Boy, she does nothing about it. Yet.

Armed with The Boy’s e-mail password and some time to kill, Belle goes snooping. And what she discovers leaves her sick to the stomach. The Boy has not, as he has been trying to convince her, been pining for her since their split. He has been screwing pretty much anything with a pulse. And some which are doubtful.

Heartbroken, angry, upset and betrayed, Belle is at a loss what to do. Now knowing what it’s like to be the cheated on, as opposed to cheated with, she again questions her belief in men.

In a foreign country choc-a-bloc full of sexy, tanned men and women, Belle’s resolve begins to thaw. Should she stay faithful to The Boy, despite the fact he’s a lying, cheating bastard? Or should she throw caution to the wind, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and all that?

Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you guys so I’m not going to say any more. Let’s just say Belle’s attitude to life alters considerably, and the ending of the book is not what you’d expect. Let’s hope she’s planning a third one… I can’t cope with it being left like that!

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