The Godmother – Carrie Adams

The back cover describes The Godmother as being “the antidote to chick-lit we’ve all been waiting for.” I’m not sure I agree with this statement, because it smacks of chick-lit to me, but with a twist.

The main character, Tessa King, is Bridget Jones-esque (see, chick-lit!). She’s ‘older’ and still single, with no chance of settling down with a man and having children in the near future. But Tessa isn’t strictly childless – she’s a Godmother. Friend until the end, Tessa’s have chosen her to be the one to look after their children should the worst happen.

There’s Caspar, a once-model teenager turned pot-smoking hell-raiser, the super-cute and clever Cora, and the newborn twins, Bobby and Tommy.

After having a nightmare of a time with a psycho-stalker, Tessa takes off for some rest and relaxation in India. When she comes back, however, it’s as if she’s never been away. Tessa’s friends are soon overloading her with crises, unaware that she’s crashing towards one of her own… She desperately wants children. And she knows who she’d like the father to be. Thing is, he’s married, and Tessa doesn’t do married. Will she get her happy ever after? Will her friends ever sort themselves out? Find out!

Darker than your average chick-lit, have tissues and a teddy bear close by when you’re reading this. You’ll need them. I enjoyed this book, though I did find myself drawing comparisons between Tessa King and Bridget Jones on several occasions. On the whole, it’s well-written, flowed well and was easily digestible *burp.* I’d recommend this, but it’s not for the faint-hearted, because when it’s dark, it’s very dark.

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