The Greed Jar – Sommer Marsden

The Greed Jar is a contemporary story, but with a touch of the ancient myth about it. The protagonist, Alice, collects unusual items for a living. She’s finally tracked down something she’s been looking for for a while – The Greed Jar. Unfortunately, though, a less than savoury person has made off with it, and Alice and her assistant Jim take off to catch the thief. Trouble is, the thief has fallen under the jar’s spell – which makes people insatiably greedy.

The greed isn’t just for food, though. It also makes the drifter hungry for sex, which bisexual Jim is only too happy to supply. After watching the men together, Alice gets drawn into the action and some damn steamy threesomes ensue. There’s plenty of homoerotica in here to satisfy those with a penchant for it, but there’s straight action too. All in all, some very naughty, very horny sex between two guys and a very lucky girl.

Although The Greed Jar itself is the medium which brings the story about, it soon becomes a secondary plot device once the rutting begins. You’ll be so wrapped up in body parts and what they’re doing to one another that you’ll probably forget all about the jar. Very hot, and just the right length to read for something to get you in the mood…

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