The Initiation of Ms Holly – K D Grace

The Initiation of Ms Holly is a book that grabs you from the very beginning. Sex on a train with a complete stranger – who wouldn’t be interested?! But for the main protagonist of the novel, Rita, the sexy encounter is just the beginning of a long and arduous journey to her ultimate goal: owning the mind and body of the man that seduced her on the train.

It seems that Edward is no ordinary man. Their first date takes place at The Mount, a secretive and exclusive club in London. Rita soon discovers that at least some of the rumours are true – the place is a sex club of sorts. She’s blindfolded soon after arrival at the club and told that she can’t see Edward’s face until she has completed a series of tasks. Confused at first, Rita is soon seduced – literally – into wanting to complete her initiation into The Mount. During the initiation she can have as much sex as she likes – just not with Edward. So her reward for completion is two-fold; she will get to see her one-time lover’s face, and also make him her lover as many times as she likes!

As you’d expect, Rita’s initiation is far from simple. There are many strange and difficult tasks to undertake, and not all of the members of The Mount’s council want her to succeed. Queen bitch Vivienne certainly doesn’t. But it seems there’s more to her than meets the eye. She appearsĀ  to be obsessed with Edward and has some strange hold over him – which makes Rita all the more determined to do what’s expected of her and give Vivienne something to bitch about.

I’m not saying anything else as I don’t want to give anything away – but rest assured this book is absolutely packed full of wild and steamy encounters. The multitude of characters can be hard to keep track of at times, but it’s definitely worth keeping your head as you follow the book through to its climactic ending and unearth the deepest, darkest secrets of The Mount and its members.

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