The New Rakes – Nikki Magennis

Kara is a sexy rock chick. She and three friends together are a hip band called The New Rakes, and their aim is to take the world by storm. Unfortunately, doing small local gigs is thrilling and they love it, but it’s not helping them to get any closer to their dream of a record deal and celebrity status. Until at one gig, Kara spots a face in the crowd, and things change forever. That face belongs to Mike Greene, the head of a record company. However, it’s not as simple as impressing the guy and signing a deal. He and Kara have history which seriously threatens to get in the way of the dreams of the band.

Together with his right-hand woman Lina, Mike has the capability to catapult The New Rakes to the dizzy heights of fame. However, Lina has got it in for Kara for some reason and decides to make life very difficult for her. What with Lina’s scheming ways and Mike’s determination to have some kind of relationship with her, Kara is deeply confused. Not least because she’s already having a very on and off affair with the guitarist in the band, Tam. So she’s torn between two men, one which represents the limelight and every material thing she could ever want; the other a much more menial existence but one with trust and stability. Can Kara turn her back on her dream and embrace true love, or will she walk away for the sake of having her face on the front of magazines? Only one way to find out…

The New Rakes is the first of Nikki Magennis’ books that I’ve read. As much as I love my favourite Black Lace authors, it’s always nice to read something by somebody new. The tone and plot of the book and fresh and new and the whole reading experience of the book was a whirlwind from start to finish. It flowed beautifully, but is still easy to pick up and put down as necessary, you can easily work out what’s going on. The plot is deeply interesting, particularly as you can really envision it happening, and emphathise with the feelings of the main character as she has to make a difficult choice.

The sex scenes are truly out of this world. They’re on two different scales – with Tam, it’s intimate and yet boiling hot, with Mike it is representative of the rock and roll lifestyle with other people and props being involved. Both are really sexy for different reasons and they won’t fail to get you going – in particular some of the more heated sessions with Tam, which are likely to have you longing for a piece of him yourself! I certainly did!

Overall, this is a fabulous book. My only complaint being that it was over too soon – but that’s more my fault because I couldn’t put it down! The New Rakes is sexy, dangerous and emotional – a perfect combination.

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