The Not So Invisible Woman – Suzanne Portnoy

For those of you that don’t know, The Not So Invisible Woman is actually the second book in a series (if I can call it that – not sure if there are going to be any more?), with the first being entitled [intlink id=”139″ type=”post”]The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker[/intlink]. Might I suggest clicking the link to my first review before continuing? Anyway, if you already know what I’m banging on about, then I shall continue my review.

I enjoyed the first book, but commented on the matter of fact way a lot of the sex scenes were written. Of course, it’s an erotic memoir as opposed to a fictional novel, but still I didn’t find it particularly horny. This book, however, has changed my mind. I’m not sure if it was done intentionally, but this book feels a lot more intimate – like Portnoy is telling us the story because she wants to make us horny, rather than just because she feels like it. The sex scenes seem to have more erotic descriptions, and they draw you in.

The tale is more of the same – our beloved Suzanne getting up to no good with men from all walks of life. And, quite rightly, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She works hard and looks after her kids well, why shouldn’t she play hard? Nobody is getting hurt. Portnoy is honest about what she wants and is practising safe sex – so I say go for it!

The not-so-small matter of Mr. Right crops up again in this book, but to find out whether or not she finds him, you’ll just have to read it, won’t you?

Overall, my comment is if you’ve read and enjoyed the first book, this is a no-brainer. If you weren’t keen on the first, still give this one a go. The writing is more polished, the narrative more involving and it makes me want to read more. Well done Suzanne!

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