The Secrets of Married Women – Carol Mason

I do make the effort to try and read books by authors I’ve never read before, and new authors. This book is the author’s first – and based on this, I want more! Classed as grown-up chick-lit, The Secrets of Married Women is rather a rollercoaster ride – it’s happy, sad, loved-up and busted-up, all at the same time!

It is the story of three women from Newcastle, who are all apparently enjoying marital bliss. Not so. As the story progresses we discover that Jill’s lovely husband Rob has zero sperm count, and while Jill can handle it, it’s completely killed Rob’s libido leaving poor Jill feeling somewhat neglected. Her best friends Wendy and Leigh seem very smug about their own relationships – but that’s until Leigh throws a big spanner in the works that completely rocks Jill’s world, and threatens everything she holds dear. But it’s a welcome distraction from what’s going on at home. Rob is still refusing to talk about their problem, and Jill is at her wit’s end!

It doesn’t help that her poor old mum has senile dementia, and Jill gets phone calls at all hours to go and sort things out. What with a batty mother and a husband that barely touches her, it’s no wonder that the sexy lifeguard on the beach that eyes her up receives some grateful attention. But it also plants the seed of doubt in Jill’s mind about the sanctity of marriage… what will she do? You’ll have to find out!

This was one of those books that I couldn’t wait to pick back up after I’d had to put it down due to the interruptions of real life. It’s a book that will touch many hearts, as it talks about problems in seemingly perfect relationships, demanding friendships and family problems. The episodes with the mother will definitely strike a chord with those that have been unfortunate enough to have a loved one with the condition, as I have. But it’s very delicately dealt with, and Jill’s reaction to her mother will also have many readers nodding in agreement and understanding.

Overall, a really lovely book. It’s gritty and down-to-earth, it’s not all sweetness and light. It’s very real, and for this reason it was compelling, and I loved it! Recommended!

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