The Sound of Laughter – Peter Kay

I was a bit of a slow convert to Peter Kay, and I’m also pretty slow to pick up this book given how long it’s been out – but hey. I’m an individual. I’m now a fan of the big man and finally got round to reading this book. And I have to say, it’s pretty mediocre. It’s fairly well-written and is easy to read, but a lot of it seems to be a regurgitation of his stand up shows, all the little asides he includes are the jokes he uses on stage. So it basically has the feel of one of his acts, but on the page. And to me, that was the problem with the book. It was trying too hard to be a ‘funny’ book, and didn’t really have that much detail about Peter’s life. It was more a ‘steps to success’ book than a true autobiography.

Peter only mentions parts of his childhood which had some relation to comedy in some way. There’s very little intimate detail, and only a very fleeting peek into his love life, and how he met the woman that is now his wife. So although it was an enjoyable book, it wasn’t a very detailed autobiography, and it’s unlikely you’ll finish it and feel like you know a lot more about the man behind the comedy. Unfortunate but true.

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