The Story of O – Pauline Reage

You should know better than anyone that I’m an avid reader of erotic literature both for pleasure and academic reasons. For this reason I was compelled to read The Story Of O as it is mentioned in many other books and articles that I have come across so far.

I knew that it would not be graphic given the time at which it was published, but given its fame I was expecting something special. I was disappointed. The plot in itself is different, and at the beginning you get a real sense of how much O loves Rene, as she agrees to obey him, however, for me, the longer the tale went on, the more unrealistic it became.

I’m sure in Sub/Dom circles and relationships there is an understanding of this, but I just couldn’t get my head round it. I’m open minded, and my opinion is each to their own, but the idea that Rene ‘gives’ O to someone else and she doesn’t mind etc… it just got to a point where there was so much that didn’t make sense that I was just reading it to get to the end so I could say I’ve read it!!

The Story of O does give an insight into the world of bondage, and submission/domination but I found Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’ trilogy a hundred times better!! It was much sexier and a hell of a lot more erotic.

This book failed to inspire any emotion in me, except relief when I’d finished it. I can only assume its fame comes from the taboo that existed when it was first published. Nobody had sex in those days, remember? Let alone kinky sex, hehe.

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