The Things That Make Me Give In – Charlotte Stein

Single-author collections seem to be hot right now; and let’s just say, following on from Justine Elyot’s [intlink id=”1277″ type=”post”]On Demand[/intlink], I was already sold on the idea. Charlotte Stein has simply steeled my opinion on this matter: give a fab author a book of short stories to him/herself, and you are pretty much guaranteed an excellent read.

Charlotte’s collection, published by the late, great Black Lace, entitled The Things That Make Me Give In contains fifteen stories. Though centred around one theme, they’re all very different. Ranging from sex with a university lecturer and perving on a man living in an apartment across the street to a modern and sexy take on a fairy tale; this anthology has it all. The titillating tales are heavily fantasy driven and their variance will definitely appeal to a wide variety of women, whatever their tastes.

A fairly constant thing throughout the book is the type of men featuring in the stories. Charlotte clearly has a certain flavour of fella she likes to seduce in her smut, and well, they’re all hot! Strong, sexy men, that inspire deep desire in the female lead in each story, which of course makes it all the better.

I devoured this book like a chocolate bar. That is; I couldn’t resist taking another bite, and suddenly, it was gone and I was sad. But no matter, this is a book I feel I will read over again and probably discover things I didn’t pick up on the first time round. All I know for sure is that Charlotte should be proud of this excellent collection, and that I highly recommend it to erotica fans. Can’t wait for her next release. (Oo-er missus!)

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