The Vampire’s New Plaything – Fulani

The main character is this short story is called Nikki. She has the Sickness, which is the desire to be bitten by a vampire and be ensnared in its thrall. The wanting is starting to take over Nikki’s life, she thinks constantly about fangs sinking into her neck and the sublime feelings it would arouse in her.

Her erratic behaviour causes her to run out of milk and, awake in the middle of the night and desperate for a drink, she goes to the store. What she sees on her way home changes her life forever…

For a short story, this sure packs a punch! From the very beginning this tale is seductive and engaging, and it just gets better. When Nikki meets Jared things become incredibly erotic. As their relationship develops, another facet of his life opens to Nikki, and that’s when things become really interesting.

Overall, this is an awesome read. If you love vampire erotica, this is a different take and it’s brilliant. Recommended.

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