The Very Bloody Marys – M. Christian

I had high hopes for The Very Bloody Marys given that I love vampire stories and I was expecting it to be a bit kinky. However, I was disappointed to discover this book is more of a spoof tale, a humourous take on vampires and other fictional beasties. The main character Valentino is a gay cop, and a vampire, of course. The tale really begins when he discovers his boss, Pogue, is missing and that it may have something to do with some dodgy vampires who are calling themselves The Very Bloody Marys.

Valentino is now alone trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of his boss, when at the same time he’s being chased by these uber-vampires, and many other problems are thrown into the mix, including the death of the love of Valentino’s life, Julian. However, it turns out Julian was never real anyway, simply an illusion.

This is where I seriously started to get lost. I’ve never really experienced problems with American writers before so I can’t be sure, but I think it could be the American humour that kind of by-passed me, and also the style of writing… it didn’t seem to flow and I couldn’t keep myself interested in what was going on.

I think underneath the writing style there was a good plot in there somewhere, but it really wasn’t for me. It was too confusing and jumbled up and left me relieved when I finished the last page.

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