The WAG’s Diary – Alison Kervin

I was a little dubious when I received this book for review because I have no interest whatsoever in football, and I’m NOT obsessed with fashion and celebrities. But I decided to pick it up because I thought it would be a mindless read to kill a few hours whilst I was ill in bed.

Wow, did my opinion change! After a slightly slow start, I really got into this novel. At first I thought it was all complete airheadedness, going on about make-up and clothes and so on. But then you start to get to know the main character Tracie Martin, and although her life is pretty much just about fake tan and expensive clothes, you realise she does actually have a heart of gold under her Tango exterior. Basically, our heroine is the Queen WAG of Luton Town Football Club. She is married to Dean, the captain and they have a very happy marriage. After seeing girlfriends of the other players come and go, she sees how utterly clueless some of these women are, so she decides to write a book. It will be a handbook of how WAG’s should live their lives. Everything from make-up to eating will be covered, so these young girls can snag and keep hold of their footballer. After attending a writing class, Tracie is persuaded to start a blog to drum up interest in her book, and almost overnight she has become a celebrity. The only thing is, people think she is writing the book as a joke, a spoof of WAG’s and their lifestyle. But Tracie seriously doesn’t get the joke. Blonde as she is, she carries on regardless. And just as her status as a WAG goes super-stellar, other parts of her life come crashing down spectacularly around her fake-tanned ears.

This is such a funny book. Some of the anecdotes are so unbelievably daft that they simply raised a smile, but others were so funny I was laughing out loud and had to stop reading until I calmed down! I don’t want to give anything away, but the parts of the novel involving Tracie’s grandmother-in-law are hilarious. Candy floss as this novel is, I really enjoyed it. Believe it or not, there are some deeper themes hidden in there, but this book is primarily chick-lit, and the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. If you like the occasional trashy novel, this should be your purchase.

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