The World According to Clarkson – Jeremy Clarkson

I’m not a huge fan of the big man – but this book was thrust in my face and I was promised faithfully that I would find it funny. I decided to give it a try, given the fact that I only have to read his writing, not look at his face. It’s his demeanour that pisses me off in the main so I thought I’d be able to cope with his words on their own. And I was right. I could cope. And I did in fact, laugh. He is a very funny man when he’s down on paper and some of that arrogance is watered down.

The text in the book is actually a collection of his articles on a variety of topics, from slagging off America and politicians to why he shot a garden chair. The articles are short, to the point, and amusing. However, I did find that I kept putting the book down with no real desire to pick it up again. In fact, the only reason I did is so I could say that I’d finished it. I think this is more to do with the fact it’s not a novel – a (successful) novel would obviously have drawn me in to its world and made me desperate to find out what happened next. But because this is a book of articles, you could just read one article and wander off without a care in the world.

Overall, it’s not a bad book. As is typical of Clarkson, his opinions in the articles are incredibly strong, and he doesn’t appear to care what anybody thinks of him – but if you can learn not to take things too seriously, this is a reasonable way to pass the time. You’ll probably even find yourself agreeing with some of the things he says, and if not, you’ll definitely laugh. At least once.

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