Tie Me Up – Cathryn Cooper (ed.)

So far I’ve had mixed feelings about the Xcite books. Some have been a little tame for my tastes, and some have definitely been more raunchy and enjoyable. I know now the best way to select a book out of this range that you’ll like is to look at the titles. Just a few of the new releases have titles such as Tie Me Up, Whip Me, Sex and Satisfaction and more. So the key is to pick a theme that turns you on, and enjoy!

Tie Me Up is written by a selection of authors, and edited by Cathryn Cooper, who also contributes a couple of naughty tales. Unsurprisingly, the theme throughout this book is being tied up. But the great thing is although the theme is the same, the stories are all incredibly different. You may expect a series of stories where couples are handcuffing each other and the like. If you are, you’re wrong. The stories are wildly different, and the writers clearly have excellent imaginations, not to mention a real skill for writing hot erotica. As with all anthologies of this kind, there were stories that I preferred over others, but that is just a personal thing, rather than saying one writer is better than the other. It’s just not the case. I was familiar with some of the authors included, and not others, but there were no stories in this book that disappointed me. They were all kinky and sexy in their own ways, and anyone into this kind of erotica will be pleased to have this book in their collection.

In summary, fans of bondage will love it. If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t be without this book!

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