Tigerlily – Charlotte Stein

Tigerlily starts with a naked guy. And indeed, what better a way to begin an erotic tale? Naturally, the guy in Mae’s back garden is gorgeous. Trouble is, he hasn’t merely appeared in the garden. He’s running, and he looks as though he’s running for his life. Mae goes out to find out what on earth is going on. She’s not at all prepared for what happens next.

After further investigation, things don’t become clearer for Mae, they become even more confusing. The mystery man doesn’t seem to know who he is, where’s he’s come from, why he’s here, or who he was running from. He’s also completely shameless about the fact he’s stark naked. Mae, on the other hand, can’t help but notice his nude state and frequent erections!

Pushing forward, Mae attempts to find out the mystery man’s name. Sadly, he doesn’t know it, so he’s temporarily called Sam. As time goes on, and with Sam’s increasingly odd behaviour, Mae is only sure of one thing. She’s gone completely barmy, and is either imagining or dreaming Sam.

Sam, on the other hand, is sure of one thing. Mae wants, and needs, sex. Unused to such single-minded attention from a gorgeous male, this simply cements in Mae’s mind that she’s crazy. Soon, though, she’s drawn into the craziness… to the extent that she’s convinced she’s met Sam before, many years ago.

As the pair grow closer – yet another curveball is thrown at Mae. Sam’s way of having sex is more than just physical. He has powers which mean that whatever the pair get up to, each one of them can feel what the other is feeling; creating a cacophony of erotic feelings whilst doing the deed. It doesn’t make sense, it’s crazy, and yet Mae goes along with it. And boy, is she glad she did. Pleasuring Sam gives her just as much pleasure as him, because she’s feeling exactly what he’s feeling, and vice versa.

Plenty of other-worldly and very hot and steamy sex takes place, helping to heal Mae’s wounded soul. The healing also brings back her memories, and she slowly realises just who her mystery man is, and where he’s come from. She also realises that unfortunately, he’s going to have to go back… leaving her alone once more.

Confused? I’m not surprised… it is a little difficult to explain. You’ll just have to take my word for it, this novella is definitely worth a read. It’s bonkers, in a totally ace Alice in Wonderland kind of way. But once you get used to the craziness, it’s a really funny, heart-warming and erotic tale, quite unlike anything I’ve read before. This is topsy-turvy erotic goodness at its best. Another corker from Ms. Stein.

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