Too Hot To Handle – Madame B

I’m always up for a saucy story, and I’ve always particularly liked confessions because they’re a “quick fix” for when you don’t have much time on your hands. Too Hot To Handle is authored by the elusive Madame B, who travels greatly and draws these wonderful stories out of sexy women willing to share. All the stories are completely anonymous – and completely hot! They’re tales of confident women that go out and get exactly what they want – whether it be sexual kicks or revenge.

The beauty of these kinds of books is there’s such a variety of scenarios that if one story isn’t really doing it for you, then you can skip onto the next. However, I didn’t have that issue because I thought they were all very, very sexy and they certainly got me going! I won’t ruin it for you by going into detail, but there are definitely some really hot narratives in this book which are ideal to warm you up before some solo-loving or perhaps as part of an ‘early night’ with your partner. Either way, you’re going to have some sexy fun!

I recommend this book heartily for the content, but I do think that it’s a little overpriced given there are only ten delicious stories.

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