Touch the Dark – Karen Chance

I happened across this book in the fantasy section of Waterstones. I was looking for some new material in that genre that wasn’t necessarily a best-seller and therefore thrust in your face at every opportunity. I’m now very glad I took the time to look. I love vampire novels, and books about various ghosts and beasties and I was immediately drawn after reading the cover blurb of this one – “Can you ever really trust a vampire?”

Desperate to find out, I bought this book and the sequel (Claimed by Shadow). I was drawn in right from the beginning of Touch the Dark. The narrative voice is very easy to read, a very conversational style, with not many big words! As I continued to read I was grateful for this easy style as the novel is so action-packed with so many different characters and events, it’s already hard to keep track!

The book begins right in the middle of the action. The main character Cassandra Palmer returns to her desk at work to find a note attached to her computer, containing an obituary. Hers. Most people would be horrified by this prospect, but as we soon find out, Cassie isn’t just anybody. She’s a clairvoyant with a great deal of power and this makes her both desired and feared by other magical people – not least vampires.

Cassie immediately goes on the run and takes flight to warn her roommate Tomas and let him know that she has to leave town. Just as she is trying to get away with explaining as little as possible, the two are attacked. Cassie tries to protect Tomas, but as the violence continues, she discovers he can hold his own – because he too, is a vampire. Once the threat has dissipated, Cassie wants answers. But they’re not necessarily what she wants to hear…

Cassie’s powers are sought after by many magical groups, some who would like to use them for good, others not so good. The problem is, Cassie has been brought up her whole life in the company of a most unsavoury vampire who exploited her powers to make himself rich. And now Cassie wants him dead and out of her life for good so she can continue with a fairly normal and quiet existence. But what she doesn’t realise is many, many more people are looking for her… some to protect her, some to kill her. Before long, she has no idea who she can trust or where to turn… will Cassie ever get the quiet life she desires?

I thought this book was fab! It was completely action-packed from start to finish and you have to make sure you’re paying attention to who’s doing what, or you’ll quickly get lost. But this book has everything; action, great characters, magic, and even a little bit of sex to spice things up even more!

Readers into this kind of genre will love this book. It’s very dark and threatening; you can’t take your eye off the ball for one minute, but once you start reading, you won’t want to. It’s definitely my favourite vampire novel so far, but then, I’ve yet to read the sequel… I’ll post the review as soon as I’m finished!

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