Trespass – Rose Tremain

I picked up Trespass mainly, I’ll be honest, because the cover caught my eye, and on reading the blurb I was sold. As a fan of France, I thought it’d be an interesting read. I wasn’t wrong.

The book tells the tale of several characters, but their stories become more and more interwoven as time goes on. A beautiful old house is also a huge feature in the novel. The Mas Lunel is an old farmhouse, way out in the country in southern France. Aramon Lunel lives there in squalor, whilst his sister lives in a tiny bungalow on the land. There’s certainly no love lost between these siblings because of their violent and disturbing past.

Things change for the siblings when Aramon decides to put the house up for sale. Audrun is horrified, knowing that rightfully that house is half hers but that if her brother sells it, she’ll be left homeless and penniless. The potential buyer, Anthony Verey, is a man wanting to spend his last years in France. He visits the house and is almost decided upon buying it until he sees Audrun’s house on the property – putting a real blip in the landscape, figuratively and literally.

However, this visit has already set wheels in motion which cannot easily be stopped and by the end of the book, several lives have been changed forever…

This was a brilliant read. At the beginning you would never guess what is going to come to pass. With every chapter, a little more information is given away, but it’s done in such a way that you plough on through the book, desperate to know what happens next. The vital clues are drip-fed, but it’s so skilfully done that it’s unlikely you’ll guess the ending – as I’ve done so many times in other books.

A really gripping read.

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